Frans Mouws - dyslexic and for this reason educated in techniques - was sailor, truck driver, port- and transport technologist, industrial engineer and ICT manager. Presently he is a cinematographer and publicist.

He wrote “An overview of the work of Boudewijn Büch”, a Dutch author. After this work he wrote on request of the publishing agency a biographical work concerning the live of Büch, entitled: Weg uit Wassenaar.

As from that moment it went fast . Mouws is known in literary groups in The Netherlands. Editorial staffs of newspapers and illustrated magazines approached him to write articles.

During his writings Mouws seized the chance to visit, interview and write about one of his heroes: Redmond O'Hanlon. According to Boudewijn Büch, O'Hanlon is the largest travel writer of the twentieth century. This particularly eccentric, but commonly respected English biologist wrote bizarre travel tales among which classics as “Into the Heart of Borneo”, “In Trouble Again: A Journey between Orinoco and the Amazon”, and “Congo Journey”.

In his book: “Between Büch & O'Hanlon”, Mouws reports of a very curious meeting that took place, one day before Christmas at Pelican house (the home of Redmond). They spoke about travel, adventure, life philosophies and the friendship between Büch and O'Hanlon. During this meeting the drunk and ate the whole night trough.

Frans Mouws published over 15 books and more than 20 articles and papers concerning: literature, biographies, explorations, books, dodos, islands, music, libraries and much more…

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