Les Editions du dodo was founded from the need to create a balance between the contents and the layout of a book.

Strange stories, on strange people, animals, islands and books, should be presented in a unique way. The past few years we have interpreted this thought by the publication of some very distinctive books. One should think of books which contain: sixty year old business cards from the firm WeBu (Westgeest-Büch), this book was presented in a handmade envelope, made of 1930’s hand made marble paper. Another dodo book contains a piece of sail of a sailing ship droned during a race around the world. All was left of this ship was one square meter of sail. The captain of the ship gave us this part so we could use it for our book…

The Les Éditions du dodo publications are between five a fifty pages, and hand stitched cahiers or bound by a bookbinder. The books are developed by a team with an editor, an illustrator, a bookbinder and the author. The books are made with a passion for books, they deserve the predicate: art work.

The books are sold on personal title (therefore not by means of bookshops or other commission agents), all publications had been sold within a week. A single book that - later – was sold on the Internet, was offered and sold for a multiple of the original price. Because we do not want to support this business Les Éditions du dodo buys back every previously published copy (for the same price as sold). Please be aware of the fact that our publications usually comes in a numbered envelope. A book without a signature, number and envelope is not complete.

Some of our publications:

Redmond 65

‘Redmond 65’ was published on 5 June 2012 by Les Editions du Dodo with the kind cooperation of Uitgeverij Atlas Contact in honour of Redmond O’Hanlon’s 65th birthday. The contribution from the late Boudewijn Büch was discovered in his literary legacy and has not previously officially appeared in print!

The rights are held by the heirs of Boudewijn Buch, who gaved permission for publication. The edition consists of 65 numbered (1947 – 2012) copies. These copies are for Redmond, the publisher, authors, photographer and translator. A few copies are available for sale.

Islands/Tristan da Cunha

Islands/Tristan da Cunha appeared as third episode of the Relic Series. They are numbered and signed by Henk de Velde and Frans Mouws, published in 95 copies:

- 18 Roman numbered and signed copies with the hand bound, as well as

- 77 Arab numbered copies were stitched with the hand

The photograph in the book was made by Henk de Velde

Each copy of the bound copies came with several appendices, at the stitched edition an appendix was added.


During the Amsterdam Antiquarian Book Fair, the newest book of Frans Mouws was presented: Bouvetøya.

Bouvetøya (54° 42' S, 03° 37' E) is the most isolated island on earth. The nearest substantial land mass is more than 1600km (990miles) away. Glaciers cover 93% of the 54 sq. km (21 sq. mi) island and prevent landings on the south and east coasts, while steep cliffs as high as 490m (1607ft) block access to the north, west and southwest. Sometime between 1955 and 1958, a low-lying shelf of lava appeared on Bouvetøya’ s west coast, providing the only bird nesting site of any size on the island.

In this book Frans Mouws describes the history of this island, followed by an interview with Gerrit Jan Zwier, a Dutch travel author who was in 2007 the first Dutchman on the Island!

This book was published in a limited edition:

- 99 numbered and signed copies intended for the trade, as well as

- 26 literate copies for author, editor and employees

The book has been designed by Rob van der Nol, measures 21 x 21 cm, has 24 pages and in two colors is made on the presses of the Royal the Swart in The Hague. The copies are bound with the hand in horizontal linen bookbinding by Van Dijk bookbinders at Mariahoeve.

The wind from the sails/mast overboard!

~ Published by Les Éditions du dodo, the Second part in the Relic Series. Published in 77 copies. Of course they have been signed by Frans Mouws and contain an original signature of Henk de Velde (the turnover from this book has gone to Henk for a new mast for his boat)

Monsieur Berry

Mouws goes to Paris in search of Chuck Berry. How that search ended, you can read and see in this book.

~ Published by Les Éditions du dodo, in an edition of 40 numbered and signed copies, with an envelope of canson Mi-teinte, with photograph and DVD, sewed with an cahier stich.

Last Voyage

A new range publications of Les Editions du dodo, with this edition a new series is born: the Relic Series. This book was made in cooperation with sailor and world traveller, Henk de Velde!

~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, in two editions. The luxuriously edition is a large format, bound in half-linen, twenty-six copies. All signed and numbered by Mouws and De Velde. For this edition De Velde gave a piece of sail, it was his last memoir on his sailing boat which had an accident in 1993, just east of the Azores.

WEBU revisited

~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, in two editions, a trade edition in 50 numbered copies, sewed with cahier stich and an envelope of orange canson, provide with 3 photographs a luxuriously version in 26 literate copies, sewed with cahier stich in an envelope of hand marbled paper.


~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, in the honorary of Roger, Alex and Philippe, trade edition in 50 numbered copies, sewed with cahier stich and an envelope of violet canson, provide with 3 photographs

Motor Theo

~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, in the honorary of all time biker Harry Coppelmans, 20 pages in an envelope of black Chromo lux with 1 stuck in photograph, edition 50 copies numbered and signed.

It only rock `n' Roll

~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, 32 pages in an envelope of pink canson mi-teintes with 4 stuck in photographs, edition 50 copies numbered and signed.

The museum

~ published by Les Éditions du dodo, 28 pages in an envelope of green canson mi-teintes with 4 stuck in photographs, edition 50 copies numbered and signed.

De zaligverklaring / The beatification

Appeared on 18 May 2005 on the occasion of the presentation of Harry M.G. Prick book: another Boudewijn Büch. All editions were dedicated to M. The book came with a legendary photograph of: Flippijn, Boudewijn Iskander, Bernadette, Paul Westgeest, Patrick van der e Kroef, Arnoud van der Vorst , Frans Mouws en Gijs van de Zalm.

Les Éditions du Dodo

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